a research paper

the research paper will be about a developing country> ( ) a developing country. In the 1st part, you should mention all the indicators that made this country a poor country: please mention each indicators with numbers and analysis to be critical. each factor should be proved with numbers from the resources i will mention. the 2nd the the 3rd parts will be mentioned in the instruction i will upload vv .. please follow all the instructions in the paper i will upload. please do not use any resources other than the 3 i will mention. The 3 resources to get your numbers and comparison are:                             Those are the 13 factors or indicators of why this country is poor( mention each one of those 13 factors of how they made this country poor and support (each) factor with numbers )  : 1-living standard of Mauritania 2-absolute poverty of Mauritania 3-income inequality 4-population 5-urbanization 6-education 7-health 8-the sectoral structure of the economy 9-invironmental degradation 10-international trade 11-external debt 12- foreign finance 13- political conditions 

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