Acountry\’s macroeconomics essay analysis

Need 8-10 pges essay on a country\’s macroeconomics  Pick a country. Research that country, examining some aspect(s) of its macroeconomic conditions. You should do general research, finding books/articles discussing the economic/financial situation in the country that you choose. Additionally you should collect and report some recent macroeconomic data. The data should be presented visually in figures and discussed in the paper.Your paper should include a discussion/presentation of the information discussed in the previous paragraph. Discuss how the situation in your country supports (or does not support) some of the theories discussed in class. This part of the paper will likely be the most difficult and should involve careful consideration and expenditure of time/effort.The paper should be double spaced. You should provide a bibliography of any resources used in your research on a separate page at the end of the paper. These should be real sources If you are unclear about what constitutes plagiarism, please talk to me at office hours. There will be no exceptions to these penalties. You may turn the paper in early. You may also bring a rough draft to me for feedback (this is encouraged and may be helpful).

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