Alpha crystallins Properties in Mammalian Eyes

Project description
It’s a scientific review paper … Here’s an example of how it should look like .. ..notice how the information in the text are cited? .. but please don’t use this website in my paper because it’s a review paper not a primary source and also because it’s from 2003. it’s only to show you how it should look like.
All information should come from recent peer-reviewed scientific journals ( 5 years or less old).
Here are some good articles i found that you can use ( from 2004 but might be helpful)
If you need more scientific journals (which you will) you will find a lot on the right side, when you open any of the websites i just sent you. If you found any helpful journals that is more than 5 years old, you can use them but please don’t exceed two journals.
Citing information in the text:
one author ( Mark 2013)
two authors ( Mark and tony 2013)
More than two ( Mark et al. 2013)
Here are a few topics you can talk about in the paper:
1)Small Heat Shock Proteins Overview.
2)Crystallins Overview.
3)The role of alpha-crystallin as a molecular chaperone.
4)Alpha-crystallin in Mammalian lens.
5)Alpha-crystallin chaperone-like function.
6)Elements affecting alpha-crystallin functions.
7)What are the target proteins for alpha-crystallin in the lens?
8)The alpha crystallin gene.
9)Structure of alpha-crystallin.
10)Mutations in Alpha-crystallin.
11)cancer related to alpha crystallins
14)questions for later research
Please send me all the websites you used.
For any more information please email or text or call me.
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