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The coursework is a trading game and should be done in groups of minimum two (2)
and maximum four (5) students. A typed report of approximately 2500, 3,000 words
excluding tables and figures is expected to be submitted on the deadline which is 30
April 2016
Coursework Topic
Assume you are a hedge fund manager, who has been allocated US$1 000,000 to start
and build a new fund. You are allowed to trade all asset classes on the StockTrack
global trading platform. You can go long as well as short. Your optimal goal is to
improve your fund performance. Your immediate target is to beat benchmark indices
such as S&P500, FTSE100 and S&PGSCI.
Select your portfolio and investment style that you believe are the best under current
market conditions. Track your performance for one month. Write a report to your
superior, explaining your investment philosophy, goals, objectives and strategy,
critically examining your performance (ie.what went well and what went wrong) and if
necessary, making recommendation for future investment.
Instruction files

alternative_investment_management.pdf(464,89 KiB)
risk_adjusted_portfolio_sharp_ratio_example.xlsx(410,58 KiB)

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