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Due to heavy finals that I have, I\’m going to ask you to rewrite (in different word, format, and basically in a way that is not similar to the original pages) for me a couple of pages which I will send you. There are 10 pages. Disregard rewriting first three pages. Do not include pictures and graphs into rewriting paper (ignore them). The last two pages of these ten pages include an annotated bibliography, so you have to change it into one page reference page (no annotated bibliography is needed). Make sure to rewrite the original pages into no more 5 pages. At the end, I\’m going to send a power point, and you have to bring a summary of what you did for the previous rewriting pages in the power point. For the power point, make sure you also to change the format of the original power point. So I will send 2 different attachments, which will be a 10 page and a power point, and follow the above instruction to do the work. Please send me the submitted work as soon as possible. My paper is due tomorrow May 9, at 10 pm.
Instruction files

final_presentation_1_.pptx(538,04 KiB)
final_presentation_1_0.pptx(538,04 KiB)
img_4912_1_.jpg(1,93 MiB)
img_4915_1_.jpg(2,08 MiB)
img_4911.jpg(1,99 MiB)
img_4913_1_.jpg(2,35 MiB)
img_4914_1_.jpg(1,78 MiB)
img_4916_2_.jpg(2,08 MiB)

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