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Project description
I will take screenshot of all my note(I will upload later), so you can know this course.
retweet 10 tweet with your account and take screenshot. or tell me who and what tweet you want me retweet.
Writing requirement below.

For the assignment, each student must post tweets that illustrate course concepts. Acceptable tweets include: a) Students own example (ideally with a visual or video), b) Retweet by someone else with the students mention of the example used, or c) Link to an article along with mention of the example used. Keep in mind that, given the character limit on Twitter, you wont be able to include all information on the example within a tweet; this is okay as you can include this information in your one paragraph write-up for each tweet (see more information below).

Focusing on specific concepts is evaluated more highly than focusing on general concepts (e.g., Liking through use of similarity is better than just weapons of influence or just liking). Also, using the same kind of example for the same kind of concept in multiple tweets will not earn credit for all tweets.

Given you only need to do 10 total tweets for this assignment, you must use a different concept for each of your tweets. You will not earn credit for a tweet if you relate it to a concept that you already related another tweet to also.

All tweets must be within the period of the class. This means retweets must be for tweets originally appearing between January 25, 2016 and May 2, 2016. Tweets with links to articles, stories, or examples must be from articles, stories, or examples from the same period.

Grading criteria (in addition to meeting all the guidelines listed earlier) include: Correct identification of course concept in the tweet, concise and accurate explanation for how tweet reflects course concept.

Students must cut and paste their ten tweets (or retweets from others) or provide screenshots to submit as one document (Word or Powerpoint).
Please have one tweet (or retweet) per page; along with the screenshot of the actual tweet you must include one short paragraph that describes what class concept it relates to and why/how specifically.
Added on 02.05.2016 05:15 here are my class note.

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