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Project description
1. Group Report (8%) Due in week 9 (Friday 4pm)
Analyse the given annual report of the Australian company, and answer the following questions about your report.

Structure and Presentation:
Submit in writing in academically acceptable report form including all structure and presentation requirements correctly and completely by the due date. Your Company Analysis should answer the set questions and headings are encouraged. The Harvard referencing convention should be used. All assignments must be word processed using 12 point font, double line spacing, and 3 cm left and right hand margins. Students must retain a printed copy of their work. Students must attach a copy of relevant pages (not the whole) of the annual report, highlighting the information/figures cited. Remember only relevant pages otherwise it will attract penalty

1. The name of the Company and its registered office.
2. Information about your company, include the type of business undertaken (location(s), markets, key customers, products, competitors etc), (Fully reference this in your bibliography).
3. The names and qualifications of the directors. Make a comment about the number of directors, their ages and qualifications, diversity etc. Do you think they demonstrate the requisite skills needed for the job? Why? What would you add (if anything)?
4. The name of the Auditor. Give both the partners name and the name of the firm. (Dont forget to reference the page of the auditors report).
5. Using the consolidated report provide the following:
a. the amounts of Cost of Sales for the year.
b. the amounts of Profit or loss before tax for the year, and how this compares with the previous year? Comment briefly on the changes.
c. the amounts of Income tax expense (if any).
d. the amounts of each item of Net Accounts Receivable (Net Trades Receivable) for the year.
e. the method for Bad Debts used by the company.
f. the amounts of each type of Property, Plant and Equipment for the year, the amount of depreciation expense for each type of Property, Plant and Equipment, and the depreciation method used for each type of Property, Plant and Equipment.
g. the amounts of each type of long-term liability.
h. the amounts and nature of any contingent liabilities (you will find this in the notes to the accounts).
i. the value of issued capital.
6. Using the consolidated figures, provide a brief assessment of the liquidity of the company (quick ratio, current ratio, Accounts Receivable Turn Over, Inventory Turn Over), and comment on your analysis.

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