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Please remember that you MUST include your company\’s financial statements in an Appendix to your report. This is best done as a cropped screenshot. That will add at least 5 pages to your report.
Don\’t forget about your calculations too. We need full workings of your ratios, i.e. the inputs and the output. That will add at least 2 pages to your report.
A title page and contents page with page numbering is also essential if you want to do well. There\’s another 2 pages.
References page- well I suggest 20 references for the report (minimum): 5 for supporting analysis, 6 financial theory, 4 data, 5 definitions and explanations. That adds an extra page.
None of the above is part of your word count (2000), but it is all essential.
A 2000 word corporate analysis with tables and graphs, professionally laid out, has got to be at least 4 pages.
So, in conclusion, if your finished Word document is not 14 pages or more, you are probably missing something very important and need to rethink before submitting!
Added on 09.05.2016 15:48
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