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Judgement Argument (Fact and Value thesis paper)Step one is to choose a subject.  The problem that you perceive as an author is that people don’t agree with what you believe is true and don’t concur with your opinion on one of the following subjects.  You will be arguing that the first part of your thesis is true and the opinion in the second part of the thesis is better than your audience’s, trying to get the audience to change their minds to agree with your entire thesis.  Choose one of the following subjects to create a fact and aesthetic, or moral, based evaluation.Purpose of College education  (Chapter 4)                                           Death Penalty (Chap.5)Genetic Modification (Chap. 8)Social Networking (Chap. 7)       Drug legalization (Chap. 6)           Immigration (Chap. 9)Public service (Chap. 10)               Student loans forgiveness (Chap. 11)Step two is to construct the thesis.  Choose a problem in the topic you have chosen and decide what you want to say about it.  The thesis sentence needs to be written like this template:    (e.g.  .  The paper would then examine the amount of hate crimes as a result of cyber bullying [quantitative research] and then define the word “unethical” and match censorship to it [value statements]).  Write the quantitative statement piece first and then choose your value word(s) for the second part of the thesis.  I want you to use an opinion word which is very vague and can be defined a number of ways during your paper.  This will hopefully give you more freedom to play with definition methods.  You may use words from my value word list used for the Evaluation paper.Once you construct your thesis, step three is to write the pro body. Find to support the beginning, quantitative section of the thesis. .   In the next part of the pro body, you need to define your value word using at .  Then you need to match the subject to the definition using .  Other pro research may also be used in any section of the pro body. For step four, you need a  containing that disagrees with your thesis.  .The paper needs standard introduction and conclusion sections and a Works Cited page. The paper length should be around six-seven pages, typed and double spaced. 

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