Apple Inc

My subject is purchasing management and my Assignment is all about Apple INC, how it manages its suppliers, how global sourcing has affected apple.
The below points are just a breif overview of what my assigment needs. And also i have given few points in brackets,along wiht the points
1.SWOT & Porters five forces APPLE INC
2.Impact of global sourcing on APPLE INC(how procurement has helped apple internationally) ( availability of resources, access to global market/ globalization., improving brand image
3.How apple could assess the suppliers performance (krajlic matrix)
4.How IT in procurement has affected APPLE, Eprocurement/ Esourcing/transperancy/ process simplification, supplier visibility, competition, competition among suppliers
I have attached word file which includes detailed instructions, PLease adhere to the attached word file.
Added on 07.05.2016 07:27
Please go through the attached document
Instruction files

purchasing_management_guideline.docx(43,09 KiB)

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