Art Museum – Ancient Greek Olympics

!. The paper is to be connected to the art that you are showing in the group project in your (room) You should first of all show why the items you have chosen are relevant to the theme that the group has picked. 2. Be sure to tell us HOW your pieces relate to the group\’s theme.  Tell us the details of the piece, (color, style, materials) and how those details distinguish it as part of the theme.  So following the advice below if your group is doing Religion, and you have Mesopotamian pieces in your collection, how does that relate to religion? What type of religion? where did it come from? etc  things like that. 3.In other words pretend you are writing for people who know nothing about your subject at all. People who just walked in the museum and want to learn about the pieces you have chosen.  You don\’t want them to be overwhelmed with a lot of academic language that is difficult for them to understand, but at the same time you do want to teach them, so take them on a journey – give them background on your piece, where it came from, who did it, what was its purpose.  Things like this.  But lots and lots of detail. 4.Here are the artifacts that will be in our room 1. greek wrestlers (ca. 200s BC, now in Uffizi, Florence) 2. Victorious Athlete The Vaison Daidoumenos Hadrianic version of 5th century BC Greek original Winning at the ancient Games 3. The Diskobolos or Discus Thrower, 2nd century CE. Roman copy of a 450-440 BCE 4. Heraria Spartan Runner Girl Victress 5 and 6. Pankration and Greek winner  

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