Article Essay

ArticleThe following excerpt is from a short piece by L. Randall, professor of physics at Harvard University, that appeared in \”The Educational Experiences that Change a Life.\”   (The New York Times Magazine, September 14, 2011)A professor who later became my adviser gave me the best advice I ever received, which was to not be afraid to speak up and ask questions.  Suddenly teachers were speaking directly to me, and my questions were usually good enough that I could detect the relief of other students who actually had the same ones, reassuring me I was doing the right thing. Now, as a professor, I know not to see classes as passive experiences. QuestionDo you think the adviser gave the author \”the best advice\”? Why or why not? What does the author mean by knowing \”not to see classes as passive experiences\”? Do you agree?  Why or why not?  How does your experience as a student relate to the author\’s experience? Use examples from your own experience to support your answers.     

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