Article summary

Added on 12.05.2016 00:29

2) Summarize this article in 1 1/2 pages. We usually write five paragraph essays in 8th grade which include the following:
A. Introduction
1. Hook sentence to catch the reader\\\”s attention
2. A thesis that lays out the outline of the paper
B. Body Paragraph 1
1. Start with a topic sentence, or a transition sentence
2. Back up your topic sentence with one to three pieces of evidence
3. In this assignment, it needs to directly quote the article in MLA format. For example…. According the author of Why is the Sky Blue, \\\”The sky is blue because of reflected light\\\” (Olinger 67).
C. Body Paragraph 2
D. Body Paragraph 3
E. Conclusion
1. Wrap up the paper with a quick summation of the article
2. A clincher that is a one or two line sentence that you want the audience to remember.
F. On a separate sheet of paper, create a Works Cited Page and cite the one article that you quoted in your paper. is an easy way to accomplish this.

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