Assignment 1: Innovation and Industry

Review website and current articles from reputable sources to determine the way this organization creates or does not create innovation. State which “foot” of innovation this company is most adapt at (provide supporting evidence). Have at least three references to the Williams text (and cite using APA). Prepare your PowerPoint with three to five points of analysis demonstrating how the organization implements – both or either of the “feet” of innovation. Focus in and analyze three to five ways the organization creates (or does not create) a culture of innovation. IT is suggested that you start this assignment with an outline rather than trying to just complete this assignment by opening up a PowerPoint, but the outline is not going to be turned in. The PowerPoint should have an introduction (with your name and the company name). Then you should have five to thirteen slides of analysis, and then on slide of references. The questions and comments below are designed for you to read and consider before turning in your work.• Does the introduction explain the purpose of the presentation?• Does it give a quick overview of the three to five points of analysis?• Does the presentation have three to five main points of analyzing how the organization did or did not evolve as explained in the text on how the chosen organization did or did not follow the theories presented?• Does each of the main points have a citation back to the text with a page number and a direct (short – 3 to 5 words) quote?• Is the conclusion a clear and concise recap of the analysis?• The conclusion cannot bring in any new ideas!• Does the conclusion tie into the first two or three sentences in thought?• Are all of the words spelled correctly?• Are the correct words used?• Is the wording smooth to read?• Is proper grammar used?• Are APA Guidelines followed?• Is the presentation interesting?

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