Automated Decision Making – FOR Exemplary_Professor001 ONLY

 In the 1980s and later, the field of artificial intelligence created computer programs called expert systems and knowledge-based systems that captured the decision-making processes of experts in a wide variety of fields. Using computers to enter, process, and store information about business processes has made it possible to analyze the inputs and outputs of workers and managers. It has also offered the ability to determine how to automate specific business processes. Many decisions that used to be made by people are now made by computers. Many of the structured decisions we make in business use automated tools, such as decision support systems, management information systems, and executive information systems.For this Discussion, consider your thoughts regarding automated decision making. What might be the impact of automatic decision making on leaders in the field of management? Do the benefits of automation and possible advantages outweigh the possible disadvantages? Explainyour perspective on how far society should be going in the direction of automated decision making.Analyze the impact that increased automatic decision making might have on the role of a leader in the field of management.Also explain the cost and benefit of automated decision making.Identify one decision that would be appropriate for automated decision making and one decision that would be inappropriate for automated decision making; explain why.Explain one noticeable challenge you’ve had with automated decision making. How was it solved? How does automated decision making work in a pharmaceutical warehouse?

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