Be a Public Relations Executive

Be a Public Relations Executive

Ogilvy is one of the biggest PR firms in America. Band-Aid is their client. You will assume the role of a PR executive and design a new ad campaign for Band-Aid. Go look at the Ogilvy PR website, learn about them and their client Band-Aid.

Challenge: BAND-AID has always been a favorite of moms and kids everywhere. In fact, as of 2001, more than one hundred billion BAND-AIDS had been made. However, as an iconic and widely copied brand, it was important for BAND-AID to stay relevant and develop communications programs that are uniquely own-able by the brand. BAND-AID has approached Ogilvy PR to develop a communications platform that would contemporize the brand without abandoning the brand\’s core equity.

As the executive for Ogilvy in charge of the account, you must pitch a solution. How do you propose to contemporize the Band-Aid brand without loosing its core buyers?

Learn who are the core buyers. Learn what the present product lines are. Learn how they are marketing the Band-aid product today. Design a new marketing plan for Band-aid.

Your proposal for a new plan should be one-page in length explaining the following key points:
1. what is the plan?
2. how will it be effective?
3. how will it be implemented?

Format your paper as a one-page essay, and your reference page and in-text citations in APA style. Save it as a Microsoft word document. You can attach your document to this assignment forum.

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