To complete this writing activity, you should:
Read Health Care Disparity Report:
understand the definition of health care disparity
understand the reasons for its existence
Note: You may use additional resources including Goggle Searches. You may not use Wikipedia and or similar sources. Think about the following questions as you complete this activity:
What is health care disparity?
Why does health care disparity exist and can anything be done to alleviate it?
Are there any bioethical theories or principle approaches that might account for health care disparity?
Are there any bioethical theories or principle approaches that might alleviate health care disparity?
Please write a 2 3 page (500 750 word) essay that names and explains the bioethical theories and principles that may have contributed to health care disparities in the U.S. and uses bioethical theories and principles to propose solutions to the problem of health care disparity. Your essay should include a clear and coherent definition of health care disparity.
Use the following guidelines when completing this activity:
Your paper needs to be 500-750 words, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins and entitled, Health Care Disparity in the U.S. (The title and reference page are not included in the page or word count.)
Be sure to include the following in your paper: An introduction to the topic with supported resources (in-text citations) Your views are supported with resources including your text
You have a conclusion.
Write the paper in your own words with supporting facts and ideas from the assigned readings. Please keep direct quotes to a minimum. If you paraphrase, cite resource in APA format. I WILL CREATE THE TITLE PAGE AND CREATE A REFERENCE PAGE. THE ONLY SOURCES NECESSARY ARE THE ONE THAT IS LISTED IN THE ASSIGNMENT AND ONE I FOUND … \”Focus on health care disparities. December 2012 The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Disparities in Health and Health care: Five Key Questions and Answers.\” Please just mark citations with a 1 or 2 (my source being 2) and I will format them into the paper when I put it together. Please follow instructions and be sure that all requested components are there. I will submit for plagiarism before I turn it in. Thank you

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