BSBMKG607B Manage market research Assessment Task 1

BSBMKG607B Manage market research Assessment Task 1Procedure From the case study provided you are required to complete the following steps: 1. Develop guidelines reflecting organisational policy and procedures to be used for conducting research. These guidelines for research must provide information and guidance under the following headings:OHS Data privacy Staff involvement KPIsQuality of data. 2. Meet with and commission a staff member (your assessor) to develop detailed work plans for how research will be undertaken, using the guidelines you have established. Make sure you agree on the format of the materials (print/electronic/oral, etc.) and a date for the provision of these materials.When the staff member returns the plans to you, you will need to review the plans to identify the following and providing a written Work Plan Summary (document) – the steps below should be the main sections of your summary:1. Resources: Identify all required resources to support the implementation of the plans by: a. creating a list of all required resources b. completing the Resource requisition/acquisition form provided for each resource. 2. Consultants: Identify preferred consultants by: a. describing requirements for external consultants within the project plan b. detailing selection criteria for selection of external consultants c. identifying which consultant/s from the preapproved list is/are suitable. 3. Providers and suppliers: Identify preferred providers and suppliers by: describing requirements for goods and services within the project plan detailing selection criteria for selection of providers and suppliers identifying which providers and suppliers from the preapproved list is/are suitable.Task Specifications You must provide: A written Organisational Guidelines for Conducting Research (Step 1)A brief written summary of your meeting with the staff member you commissioned for research (Step 2)A written Work Plan Summary (Steps 3-5) with completed acquisition forms.  Your assessor will be looking for: • Evidence that you have examined the case study and reviewed organisational requirements to develop market research plans. Distance-based learners: • Complete assessment as per instructions, except the meeting with your staff member (the assessor) will be via phone or Skype or other live telephone or video medium.

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