Bus Work 4801

Unit 2 Assignment 1 and unit 2 chaper 2-3 have been attachedOverall feedback from ProfessorPlease take these comments into consideration when reviewing unit 2 assignment 1. This will help you write a strong paper for unit 7 assignments and the final project paper. Please give some details and examples of what the professor is addressing in the unit 7 paper.You introduce some important things-gift vs bribe, family vs employer etc.  Now show how they fit together.   What were you trying to achieve with the introduction of those 4 questions? Of course connecting to real and personal experiences in the workplace is very relevant.You have started to address the two key points of this Assignment, and the focus of Unit 2–Stakeholders and an ethical Issue. The issue is unclear.In regards to the issue I hope you will be able to boil it down to one clear Task. You provide good background and context. Now–state the issue in one sentence and the background will be more meaningful.  Your Stakeholder discussion has room for a lot more detailThe paper is formatted with sub-titles for the different sections and that is good. Some papers start with background and then provide more contexts generically, and about the situation, and then arrive at the ethical issue. Another option is the reverse– issue, organization, background–thus making me smarter up front so I can better appreciate the background.You are moving along and probably have the foundation for a strong Project. Now the challenge is to organize your thinking and add more detail–good luck.  

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