Carlos Scarpa

You will need to choose some of carlos scarpas architecture projects to compare and describe each what interests you. – the experience of the architecture, how the facade was design, the geometry, the lighting, interesting staircase and all the other things.
you can choose to include some of the background of the architect, and the history of the architecture but that is not the main focus of the paper. you can have as many sources as you wish.

I will attached slides from class, but the writer can feel free to choose whatever projects he found most information of.
thank you.
Added on 10.05.2016 16:57
hi, please download the slides and other files from the link below
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Revision set on 2016-05-12 09:16:48

Hi, did you read any of those links I sent you? I need you to discuss his projects. Not what architecture is or what architects do. Please revise ASAP.. This is stillc completely off topic. Please read the things I sent you

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