Choose one of the main Presidential candidates and advise them on how to best run their campaign in TEXAS.

Project description
The presidential primary election process is currently underway. Each of the main candidates must decide how he or she can best appeal to voters in each state, which requires an understanding of the politics and demographics of that state. Choose one of the main presidential candidates running in either the Democratic or the Republican primary, and assume that candidate will be his or her partys presidential nominee. As the candidates campaign advisor for Texas, you are responsible for advising your candidate on how to best campaign in preparation for the general presidential election in November 2016. Write a three page minimum memo to your candidate outlining the strategy he or she should use to maximize his or her vote in Texas. Consider the following in your memo:
Key demographics in Texas which voters are likely to support the candidate and which voters the candidate should attempt to reach out to
Key issues that Texas voters care about most in this election
The message your candidate should pursue, based on the issues and concerns of the voters in Texas
Interest groups working on behalf of your candidate in Texas
How your candidate should challenge the other presidential candidate(s) based upon the politics, interests, and concerns of Texas voters (in other words, what are the strengths of the other candidate(s) that your candidate needs to counter, and what are the weaknesses of the other candidate(s) that your candidate should address)
Note: You are exploring the campaign process in order to analyze Texas politics in action. You should demonstrate an understanding of Texas politics and Texas voters through the lens of the current presidential election. Be analytical and critical in your response, and support your arguments with specific examples. This assignment is not asking for a simple list of your candidates political positions, nor is it asking for a discussion of Republican and Democratic political positions; rather, you are to analyze campaign strategy in terms of Texas politics. Additionally, this assignment is neither asking for an opinion of the candidates nor commentary on the rightness or wrongness of their political positions. You are not being asked to provide personal opinion for or against the candidates you need to make well-researched, supported arguments about how your candidate should run his or her campaign in Texas by considering Texas politics, demographics, issues, and concerns.
Instruction files

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