Climate Change And Sea Level Rise

Climate change and sea level rise about which there is a wealth of information. Here are two links to Vanity Fair articles. You need four more sources. You can say Vanity Fair is about much more fashion as it covers a variety of topics including environmental issues.

Even teenage Vogue is getting into the act or should I say topic?

And the real Vogue. This could be very innovative.

See if you can find more from Elle or other women\’s magazines.

Of course, you need to introduce the topic of climate change before you introduce the women. Dress for the occasion.

5 sources and one to go. An idiot\’s guide to climate change…or some such thing.

The 2 per cent are talking about the 2 degrees. Spend two to three hours reading this weekend.

Very important that a bibliography is done, title page with an abstract or summary. The main body of text with at least 3 to 4 messages.

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