Multimedia Assignment 1 focuses on Chapter 1: Communicating and Leading at Work and the leadership of Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks. You should complete this assignment after you have read chapter 1 and completed the Chapter 1 study guide.
For this assignment, read the case study presented in the text box on page 2. Then watch the two videos posted, Howard Schultz On Connecting Employees to Vision and Howard Schultz on Leadership. I recommend taking notes while you watch the videos, focusing on how he discusses communication and the roles of leaders and leadership.
After completing the reading and watching the videos, provide a discussion based on the prompts below:
1.According to Schultz, todays leaders face new challenges and responsibilities. Discuss what Schultz views as challenges and responsibilities he and other leaders today face. Then, explain how Schultz views the role of communication in effective leadership as he faces these challenges and responsibilities.
2.How would you evaluate Schultzs leadership? In other words, in what ways do you agree or disagree with Schultzs discussion of leadership and the role communication plays as leaders face the challenges and responsibilities of today? As you move forward in this class, what would you like to learn that would enhance your communication and leadership skills?

Here is the link to the 2 videos

Multimedia Assignment Post grading rubric:

20 points per post

Clearly addresses the elements of the prompt ___/3

Clearly addresses the terms/concepts ___/3

Gives specific example(s) from readings/videos ___/6

300-400 words total ___/4 (up to 4 points, 300 minimum – 400 maximum words total)

Clarity and quality ___/4

– ____/ Points deducted for grammar, spelling, punctuation

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