Concussion (2015 film)

Based on the current film that you will chose and presented in your outline, identify and analyze any stereotypes that you may have noticed. Compare and contrast these stereotypes with the ones you noticed from our weekly screenings. Discuss the common stereotypes for this sort of film (i.e. animations) and from this production company/director. Be sure to discuss whether the media image of this culture has evolved through this film and how, what you think of the main character, examine any pertinent relationships between the main character and anyone else in the film, your overall thoughts of the film and the way it presented different cultures (if any), and whether or not you think this film inspired folks within this culture and had an impact on society.

The final paper MUST be a minimum of 6 pages. Your works cited page is NOT to be counted as the 6th page!!!! So if you write 5 pages, do not add the works cited page as your 6th page. I will accept 6-8 pages long, double-spaced, MLA style. Be sure to cite all your research sources (minimum of 3 credible sources). All internet sources must be cited appropriately. Please refer to the SAMPLE Outline and Final Paper Resources (ATTACHED TO THIS ASSIGNMENT) if you have any further questions. The Your paper should be in essay format (paragraphs – introduction, body, conclusions). The paper should be attached in a MS Word document. Plagiarism will not be tolerated! The final paper counts as 200 points toward your final grade.

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