Corporate Governance (To Achieve Optimal Capital Structure)

Optimal Capital Structure  Purpose: To critically reflect on corporate finance concepts/Theories through the reviewing of existing literature To be able to do so, please write a literature review on corporate governance with the following structure:-Abstract-Introduction-Body-Conclusion In regards to the above, it has to achieve the following- Introducing the idea, problem statement and issues-Body: Flow of the review-Coverage of content and perspective-Clarity of writing with good technique-Conclusion -Try to pick an area to narrow the area as much as possible but cover extensive jounal articles. you are required to read at least  that points to how corporate governance can achieve optimal capital structure.-  is to review what you have read/understand from the articles so do not reproduce definitions, explanation of theories etc.- each section should have at least two or three paragraphs- make sure you include – : start with the background and motivation of the literature review. describe the aim, summarise and include the current issue that leads to future research. Explain the significance of the literature to investors, managers regulators etc. map the layout of the main body section of your review.- : do not provicde quotes from existing literature. Critique their points and make a reference to it. do not just summarise. Try to be objective and argue the literature on both sides. and do not reproduce diagrams from the textbook.-: Discuss what you have found, summarise unsolved issues and important debates.  

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