Create a business/industry case of your choosing. Choose three concepts / elements from the course material to model the business/industry case you are creating.

You must include in the case write up;

1- An opening introduction that will be a one-page summary of what your case is about.
2 – The body of the paper, which includes;
-stating the problem solving concept (3)to be presented, 3% each
-defining the concepts/elements, and 5% each
-Citing examples of the concepts/elements. Apply the principle and solve the problem from the case data you have created.
and explain the significance of the concept applied and how it affects the case. Describe the impact and/or role the concept/element has on the case and/or how they effect, or benefit the case. 7% each

3 – A Conclusion. This will be your assessment of the significance of the concepts applied to this case study. Your opinion.

Hint Make your points clear, and recognizable. Titles help. Put a title/cover page on your work.

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