Creative Media Response

Respond to the Report provided to you . Your response may be in any format you choose. In your response, you will describe and analyse how the specific needs of your industry as indicated by the report can be met in order to achieve an increased level of production of creative content and services. Critically examine the solutions put forward in the Report. Suggest alternative strategies or amendments.
Your Creative Response must include the following elements:
Introduction: Introduce the main purposes of the creative response and the overall problem to be solved.
Description: A brief description of the report under discussion. Give an outline of the main issues involved. Provide content for your discussion of the relevant issues.
Discussion: Examine the issues you raise one by one, responding to them with the information from your research of the academic literature.
– You must outline the issues you raise, and their implications for your chosen creative industry. – How the issues you raise link to the academic literature.
– Suggest solutions to the issues you raise and critically evaluate these.
Conclusion: sum up the conclusions you draw and the recommendations you propose to achieve an increased level of production of creative content and services.
The mode of your creative response must be approved with your tutor.
Creative Responses must include APA Referencing and formatting as well as a Bibliography.
n a nutshell from information in the report and from any further research you undertake:
– You should be able to define
whether or not the creative industries are a continuing and competitive contributor to our national prosperity therefore propelling us into a creative and imaginative nation?

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