Cyber Security Washington, DC

Please research information on Washington DC cyber security industry. I need information on Washington, DC Universities and Entrepreneurs. I included an example of what I found for London. Please do the same for Washington DC.

London, United Kingdom

One of the driving forces behind the initial creation and the sustained excellence of the London Cybersecurity Cluster is its concentration of outstanding colleges and Universities. Cambridge and Oxford University are each less than 65 miles away. Four out of the top ten universities for information systems and computer science reside within London itself (Telegraph, 2016). This is gives the London Cybersecurity Cluster access to a steady stream of highly skilled workers and outstanding research facilities

While London has gained prominence as a source of cybersecurity information it has not produced large numbers of successful entrepreneurs (Dunn J, 2016). One of the biggest obstacles to entrepreneurs in London is many investors do not have the same risk tolerance that venture capitalists have in the United States. That is beginning to change. The government and private sector came together to create the first cybersecurity accelerator in the U.K. called Cyber London (Dunn J, 2015) in 2015.

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