Describe, analyze and evaluate the relationship of Dorotea Dorothea and Don Fernando.

Describe, analyze and evaluate the relationship of Dorotea Dorothea and Don Fernando

*Describe Don Fernando who is he, what is his true nature, and how is this reflected in his physical appearance? What is Don Fernando significance in the overall scheme of the novel?

*Describe Dorotea paint a physical and intellectual portrait in words. Who does Don Quixote think she is and how does she become an integral part in the storyline?

*What is the relationship of Dorotea and Don Fernando? What changes the relationship, and why does it change how often does it change? Is their mutual story realistic or believable?

*What do Dorotea and Don Fernando represent what do they symbolize? What is Cervantes conveying in terms of social, cultural or historical concepts through these two characters and their relationship?

*Is their relationship and its symbolic meaning still relevant in the 21st Century?

Take time to determine the type of narrative episodic, organic or quest; who the narrator is; and the type of language Cervantes used to enrich the literary experience.

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