Describe music & culture in various types of music

Project description
Describe music & culture in various types of music – Write a short essay of one paragraph (about 150-200 words) about each of these musical examples:

South African wedding song video: Miriam Makeba – Click Song (Qongqothwane)

World music fusion improvisation video: Handpan & Tonbak – Contemporary World Music David Kuckhermann, Pantam, and Naghmeh Farahmand, Tonbak
reading: Farahmand bio

Alam Khan Playing the Sarod (2.5 minutes)
In this video, Alam Khan plays his instrument and says a bit about his background and training with his father. Subsequently, his father passed away, and Alam now heads the music school in California, also touring the world to perform.


In this video, shot in a recording studio, a harmonium plays with a tabla. The harmonium was initially brought to India by European colonial musicians for the purpose of playing Christian hymns, but has long since become a local instrument used for many kinds of music. It contains free-reeds and is played with a bellows.

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan – Malkauns (80’s) (7 minutes)
In this video, great player Amjad Ali Khan appears for a television taping with a live audience. Watch for the rhythmic interaction beginning at 1:20 up to 2:10, in which the sarod player attempts to trip up the accompanying tabla drummer with a kind of musical joke. Also note the audience amusement and laughter.

Kaise Din Kate Hai (Indian Classical Vocal) (12 minutes)
Classical vocalist Shruti Sadolikar Katkar sings a devotional song. The instruments seen are, front row L-R: pakawaj (2-headed drum), tabla (pair of drums), singer, harmonium (internal reeds and bellows), sarangi (fretless bowed); and back row L-R:tanpura (string drone instrument), kartal (finger cymbals), tanpura.

In each response, answer these questions:
– Based on the reading, explain some important musical characteristics of traditional or contemporary music in this area, and/or summarize the work of this individual performer.
– Based on the video recording, describe the sounds. Listen to the music, and write about it in your own words.

You may use any online, print, or other sources while you write your responses. Please cite your sources, either as a work cited list, or as in-text citations in parenthesis.

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