digital marketing

Assessment Description
This is a group assignment, with the same group of four (4) members as the Digital Marketing Pitch (Assessment 2).
The groups are required to write a Digital Marketing Campaign based on the revised SOSTAC framework. The digital marketing campaign is a strategic document that links directly to the strategic direction and brief of the one firm that each group has selected for their digital marketing pitch for Assessment Item 2 (in Week 3, Workshop 2). The campaign must provide critical insights and respond to the brief request provided by the firms. The group should support some of their insights with additional research using academic literature relating to online consumer behavior.

The submission should be in the form of a Word document and maximum 2000 words, excluding the references list, tables, and figures.

Marking Criteria
This assessment item accounts for 30% of the total marks for this course. All the group members will receive the same score. The criteria for assessing this assignment will be based on the different parts of the revised SOSTAC digital marketing framework, and include:
Situation Analysis
Objective setting
Strategy development
Control and Review
Theory Application(my parts)
Written Communication( my parts)

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