Displaying Your Understanding and Application of Cognitive Principles

find the theory paper requirements attached. You will find you can choose from 1 of 2 options. I don\’t care which option is used, but it seems option 2 (creating a teaching/learning scenario) would be the simpler option.
The paper should cover how someone learns, but basically within any concept. Citations and references are not necessary, and if they are used they should be very limited. It\’s important the cognitive concepts are clear to identify throughout the paper. The professor said they could even be labeled throughout the paper if it was simpler to organize in that way. There is a lot of creative freedom for this paper; as long as the concepts are included it can be about anything. Basic APA format is required but that\’s not a primary focus. It does need to be a basic enough concept that I would have knowledge about it; so the teacher knows I would have the ability to write about it. This is for a face-to-face course.

Feel free to ask me any questions to make writing this simpler. I check my email very regularly so can communicate with you as needed. I realize having information about myself may be necessary for this to be successful.

Also, please note a very important part of this assignment is I have to turn in a visual-spacial representation. This means I have to submit something that corresponds with the theory paper. She is giving a lot of freedom, but I need to ensure I will be able to complete this part of assignment that will supplement the paper. I had an idea about writing how to cook something very basic; mashed potatoes, an omelet, pesto pasta, etc. If the paper covered how to cook it the representation could be me cooking the food and supplying it with the paper. You could even work from a recipe. That\’s just an idea, you may find another idea to be much simpler or more natural. I could draw a \”mind map\” of nearly anything as long as I am familiar with the concept.

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