English assignment

For the City Project you will write a 300 word paragraph describing a city of your own making. Make it sound like something you would find inside of a brochure. Underneath that paragraph write a series of rules that govern your city. The one requirment is that you keep the rules within the rules that govern our world. I.E no unicorn rides for all the people in your city. This project is designed to force you to consider all of the small details involved in a subject. Below is an example:Welcome to Family First Community. Where you and your family come first. Everyone knows everyone and looks out for each other and their family. In Family First Community it is easy to find a sitter if you want a night out. There are many community projects and organizations for kids or families. Neighborhood carpools and neighboorhood sports teams. If you absolutely love doing things with your family and want other families to share the fun with you this is the place to be.Rules are: Treat everyone with Respect.Treat other kids as if they were yours.Community programs are free but you have to pay for your uniforms. Every parent must take a turn volunteering for projects or organizations and carpool.Taxes will be limited knowing how difficult it is to support your family. 

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