etermine a problem that the company may wish to evaluate such as a reduction of direct cost, or material.

Determine you manufacturing product
Choose a manufacturing product from the How It Is Made (see Use this video to provide a basic idea of the materials and process
This project should stand by itself. Include the questions with your submission–not just the answers. Identify all numbers. Points will be deducted if I can\’t understand what you are answering.
Members of the group will receive the same points but will be adjusted at the end with the group evaluation. See the last page for the group grade percentage.
Flowchart the manufacturing process.
Add each raw material, each input of direct labor, and determine how you would calculate manufacturing overhead
Include how the predetermined rate is calculated
Apply manufacturing overhead to your product.
Determine a problem that the company may wish to evaluate such as a reduction of direct cost, or material. Perhaps a new method of applying overhead.
Consult Chapter Eight on Profit Planning. Optional complete a series of budgets for your project.
Sales budget single product is acceptable
Production budget
Direct materials
Direct Labor
Manufacturing Overhead (include Predetermined O/H Rate)
Selling, General and Administrative budget
Cash Budget
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Create a Power Point and present
Flow Chart
Problem addressed
Budget Cycle

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