Examine the study \”Formation of False Memories\” by Loftus and Pickrell (link attached).

Question 1 (2 pages)

Examine the study \”Formation of False Memories\” by Loftus and Pickrell (link attached). Describe the study in essay form and answer these questions
-What is the primary research/topic?
-Is there a specific hypothesis being offered? If so what is it?
-What type of research is the study (descriptive,explanatory,exploratory)?
-What is the design of the research (experiment, case study,content analysis,Etc.)?
-If experiment, what is the design?
-Where do subjects/data come from?
-Was a particular type of sampling method involved and which one?
-Does the authors discuss issue pertaining to reliability/validity, if so which ones?
-Are there ethical issues which to be addressed with regard to data collection? If so, how were they addressed?
-What are the primary findings/results of the study?
-What are the limitations of the study?
-If you were to conduct study, would you do anything differently?
-What are implications of the study?
(Answer each question please)
Link to study: https://webfiles.uci.edu/eloftus/Loftus_Pickrell_PA_95.pdf

Question 2: 2pages
The chief of the local probation dept. has been approached by a councelling service which states that it offers a domestic violence program virtually guaranteed to reduce incidents of domestic violence committed by men who have been placed on probation for abusing their spouses/partners. The chief agrees to purchase services onlyif a pilot study can demonstrate that the program is truly effective at reducing further acts of violence. You have been asked to assess the effectiveness of the program. The chef indicates that group of 8 probationers has volunteered to take part in the study. They are to be subjected to the counseling service\’s 16-week domestic violence therapy program and will take pre and post -test measures of their attitude toward domestic violence by filling out questionnaire.

**Explain what your concerns might be about the proposed design of the study ( ask questions about the sampling method,sample size, and if the plan to measure the outcome truly measures a reduction in recidivism, among other thing). Can the study be done in a better way? If so, explain in as much detail of how you could do it.

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