Exhibition Brochure.

FINAL PROJECT in American Art History Class

What does a curator do? He or she comes up with ideas for exhibitions that they think are important of interesting to the public. They design the layout of the exhibition (i.e. how and where the works are displayed), write a brochure or wall labels, and sometimes give tours of the exhibition.

Imagine that you have been given this job and the director of your museum has asked you to come up with a concept for an art exhibition that includes at least five works of art that were either discussed in the lectures or in your textbook. The works in your exhibition must support a common theme, style or idea that you think would be compelling for the public but do not need to be of the same time period. The theme is entirely up to you. Be creative.

Once you have decided on the artworks to be displayed, create an exhibition brochure. When you do the exhibition brochure, it must include at least two-pages of text explaining the theme and why each work was selected.

Your grade will be based on the creativity of the concept selected, the choice of artworks to support the theme, the written and visual presentation.

Theme: \”Representation of American Men\”
1. Freake Limner, John Freake, 1671 & 1674
2. John Singleton Copley, Paul Revere, 1768-70
3. Charles Wilson Peale, The Artist in His Museum, 1822
4. Nathaniel Jocelyn, Cinque, 1839
5. Winold Reiss, Portrait of Langston Hughes, 1925

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