Freedom\’s call

Imagine you are a slave in the New World, experiencing the onset of the extreme circumstances that characterized a racialized society. After reading David Walkers An Antislavery Appeal write a letter to your family or a journal entry to yourself, in which you describe your sentiments and actions in your decision to support the black abolitionist movement or not support it. The intention is to allow you to indulge in a sort of \”time travel\” experience that allows you to be a first-hand witness to history. Such assignments invite you to experience history from the imagined perspective of one who actually witnessed the events.

Make sure also answer the following questions in your entry:

1. What is freedom to you?

2. What are you willing to sacrifice for that freedom?

3. Is it worth the sacrifice?

The entry needs to be no less than 250 words. You may use any additional sources to help you with your assignment. Make sure to cite your sources using MLA or APA format.

This Journal has no entries.

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