Gender and Sexism

Font 11, Single Spaced, and having these components in it:

Racial Identity: I am a White Female, 19 yrs old

Name your gender identity (Self). What do these readings make you
think about?
o What stands out? What described experiences, ideas, terms and questions are new
to you?
How do these readings make you feel? o Which experiences, ideas, terms and questions evoked an emotive response (surprise, anger, sadness, curiosity, resonance, resistance, disbelief, excitement, happiness)? Describe a lived experience you have had with sexism (one in which You and an Other was involved).

How Elementary School Teachers Biases Can Discourage Girls From Math and Science: agegirlsfrommathandscience.html?referrer=

Elementary School Bias Against Boys Sets Them Up For Failure:

A Teacher Tells a Story of a Boy in Her Class: leandnoend?c=upw1

Black Girls Matter. Pushed Out, Over Policed and Under Protected:

My Son Has Been Suspended Five Times. He\’s 3:

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