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The power of education comes from our ability to effectively convey messages that move others to reflect on the information provided to them and take critical positions on the issues they are presented with. The group project challenges students to formulate a position on an issue and present their argument in a creative and convincing manner.In assigned groups, students will create a two-part project on a pre-approved topic related to the course. Examples include (im)migration control as a mechanism for policing the nation, gendered punishment through the lens of (im)migration, labor and (im)migration, or (im)migrant rights in the U.S.For the first part of the project, students will put together an informational handout (1 HANDOUT PER GROUP) as if they were going to distribute it to an audience. In the handout the group needs to include information on their topic, why their audience should care about this issue, what are some possible steps towards addressing the concern(s) the group brings to the audience’s attention, and cite their sources. The handout consists of 5% of the total course grade and will be graded on visual presentation and effectiveness in relaying their argument. 

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