History Essay

Write 3 page essay double spaced, 12 point font, with ceperate work cited page. cite all sources, Needs a underlined thesis, intro, body and conlcusion. the question: What is history? what does history mean to you? seletec at least two specific events, trends, and or concepts from the period 1860-2016, as evidence, and to support your reasoning. Include specific politicalm economic, and socio-culturla examples from the reasins. Underline your thesis statement. When writing the essay keep in mind how historical events, trends, and concepts impact your everyday life or the everyday lives of people in your community.   choose 3 examples, 1 per paragraph, so 5 paragraphs total. 1 intro, 3 body, 1 conclusion. the 3 examples are  The espionage act (1917) what it is and how it relates to today such as the US spying on citizens. Next the civit rights movement  (1945-1970) and how they relate today to the struggles the black community and latino community to change ricial tension in the contries and protest things like police shootings of minorities.  and lastly the watts riots on 1965, where a large black protests broke and compare them to todays race riots in America such as furgeson.   

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