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Hey, I need help with my essay , it\’s 3 Pages. I\’m willing to pay: $5 each page. Representation:  The cultures that we examined created works of art that presented the human body in unique ways (both in terms of physical characteristics and underlying meaning).  Discuss the meaning of the unique representations of form that the artists created throughout the periods that we’ve examined.  Were there instances in which the representation of the human form was more than just an image of what the artist saw?  Was the human form intended to represent an idea or address the concerns of the artist or those that commissioned the work?  If so discuss what these concerns were and how they were approached through art.  Your essay must use drawn from at least .  The works you choose should backup your statements. The examples should be discussed fully within your narrative and .Your essay must be  in length, must include properly cited  to support your statements and must be proof read for grammar and spelling.  Make sure that you properly cite all references as plagiarized papers will result in a failing grade in the course.  

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