HUMN 330 Module 3 Short Paper – Composing an Ethical Story

(A) Decide on a story/parable/fable which influenced your ethical/moral growth as a child. Briefly describe the story and what it taught you. How does your thinking today fit with what you learned as a child through that story? This component should be about . (B) Decide on an ethical principle you would like your children to take to heart as you did with your childhood ethical story. Write a short story/fable/parable/fairy tale (about ) that teaches this ethical lesson in a dramatic way. Want examples? Consider Bible stories or parables. Google Aesop\’s Fables. Look up Grimm\’s Fairy Tales. Look at any … book. Note: This must be a made-up story, no real life stories! Use your creativity. You\’ll have fun and come up with a great story.

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