International Economics

Select an organization that both U.S. and international presences.
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you answer address the following:
What does the president and congress do to stimulate the economy? What does the president and congress do to contract the economy?
What does the Federal Reserve do to stimulate the economy? What does the Federal Reserve do to contract the economy?
What motivates policymakers to stimulate the economy or contract the economy?
Based on your research, what does the Federal Reserve say about its policy goals?
What does the Federal Reserve say about the strength of the economy?
How does the strength of other economies outside of the U.S. affect your organization?
Based on your research, recommend changes in your organization\’s competitive strategies or supply chain.
Use a minimum of 3 peer reviewed sources not including your textbook.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
PLEASE NOTE: Please be cautious as to quoting this or that source (and believing it) that suggests a one-to-one relationship between stimulus and economic effect. Most stimulus attempts, like artificially low interest rates, loads of liquidity, high federal spending, etc., have limited long term positive economic effects, though the negative effects may last for a decade or two. The only long-lasting stimulus effect with demonstratable evidence has been lowering marginal tax rates, which left-leaning politicians do not want. Almost all other claims of effective stimulus are political messages meant to sound like fact, but they are not based on any other evidence than verbal claims. Economic incentives sometimes work, but that necessitates a belief in the free market that left-leaning politicians and right-leaning statists seldom like as politicians have trouble controlling who benefits with lower tax rates or marketplace incentives.

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