Interpersonal Communication Paper -NEED WITHIN THE NEXT 5 HOURS

 a 900- to 1,050-word rough draft of your paper. Base this paper on the thesis statement you created in Week 1 and the outline you created in Week 2.the headings from your outline to the paper using proper APA-formatted headings. This rough draft should be as complete as possible. That means it complies with the following:1. It is created in RiverPoint2. It is the minimum required word length.3. It includes the introduction (with your thesis statement), the body topics, the conclusion, and at least five citations and references.4. It is in APA format with topic headings.5. It uses  only.6. It has appropriate headings between sections7. It has appropriate transitions between paragraghs8. It has a conclusion paragraph that  based on the information presented in the body. (Do NOT create a summary that merely restates what the paper discusses.)9. It has at least  citations and references10. It has been proofread for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. appropriate topic sentences for the supporting paragraphs in the body of your paper. Use your topic outline as a guide. appropriate transitions within and between paragraphs. a concluding paragraph to draw conclusions based on the material you have presented in the body of your entire paper. Avoid adding any new information into the concluding paragraph. your paper to Plagiarism Checker for feedback. Use the feedback to check your paper for potential plagiarism issues and make any necessary edits.I. IntroductionII. Verbal Communication    A. Personal        B. ProfessionalIII. Nonverbal Communication    A. Facial Expressions     B. Body LanguageIV. Relationship between Nonverbal and Verbal Communication     A. Active Listening      B. EmphasizingV.  Intercultural Communication            VI. How People can Improve Their Communication Competence VII. Conclusion

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