its structure should be similar to an academic quantitative journal article. Need professional writer who is familar with SPSS software

The aim of this assignment is to test your understanding and critical awareness of the keycomponents of quantitative research. More specifically, this assignment aims at examining yourknowledge with respect to your understanding and critical evaluation of the key components requiredof an original and effectivewell performed research, your ability to analyse and critique the validity andlimitations of various research methods as well as your written communication.In doing so, you will have to design, conduct, analyse and interpret a small-scale quantitativeresearch project on a topic of your choice.
The individual assignment should be divided into 4 parts and its structure should be similar to anacademic quantitative journal article.
Part 1: Construct a questionnaire.This part should follow from your group presentation where you already reviewed anddiscussed the relevant literature to outline relevant concepts that are of interest to you.
More specifically this part should include a very brief background to your research, a very brief review ofliterature to outline relevant concepts. It should lead into an outline of your research questions or/and hypotheses.
Part 2:Data collection
This part is the core methodology hence it should show how you constructed yourquestionnaire (why those questions – relate to your Part 1), your sampling strategy, datacollection procedures and how you imputed loaded the data into SPSS
Part 3:Data analysis
This part is the continuation of Part 2 hence it should include the analysis of your collected dataas well as the justification of the chosen statistical tests. It is vital that, in this part, you relateback to Part 1 (i.e. what research questions you wanted to answer).
Part 4:DiscussionThis part forms the concluding remarks of your work. Hence, it should report and discuss your findings, possible limitations of your work as well as any research implications and/or relevance for management.

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