Japan Informative Outline

REPORT #1 – Outline
Outline DUE May 22, 2016 by 6pm ET

Here are the directions for the assignments:
OUTLINE: Follow the FORMAT OF A TRADITIONAL FORMAL SENTENCE OUTLINE in Troyka (page number may vary depending on the edition). This mean each entry on the outline must be in a complete sentence. Be sure to include a thesis statement.

Select a foreign country. Conduct research about this country regarding various cultural differences that might impact international business dealings. Look for differences regarding customs, use of space, hand-gestures, time orientation, social behavior, the manner in which business is conducted, and other business-related issues you deem important.
Develop an informative report discussing your findings. Quantity is not as important as is quality. Though, the report most likely will be at least one page.
Follow formatting examples in Newman for business reports. Use one-inch margins and single-spacing. Beyond this, use any format you wish for this report. The text provides many different examples. Make the report neat and professional!
Specifically, an effective report will be
Visually appealing
Brief (no more than a page or two depending on the information you wish to provide)

(do it on japan and just make it an outline)

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