Literary Analysis on A Dream Deferred by Langston Hughs

Literary Analysis Essay
Choose ONE poem that we have read from the schedule and write an essay that discusses how that poems literary devices and figures of speech demonstrate its theme. This essay demands that you notice how choices in form (alliteration, assonance, repetition, rhyme, tone, imagery, simile, metaphor, personification, metonymy, synecdoche, hyperbole, understatement, apostrophe, symbol, allegory, allusion, myth, etc.) all communicate the poems meaning.
Choosing and using effective quotations and thoughtfully discussing them will be keys to strong support. Be sure to discuss the poem line by line or section by section, working your way through the poem in sequence. Though some paraphrase is often necessary to explain the literal meaning of the lines, dont stop at paraphrase. Demonstrate how these lines relate to the themes the poem is conveying.
Criteria for Grade:
1. Name the author and the title of the work you are discussing;
2. Present a clear thesis about the work that responds to the questions above;
3. Point to specific examples in the work in order to support your thesis statement;
4. Analyze both the works form and content through the use of proper terminology;
5. Correct spelling and grammar.
Format: Typed, double-spaced, ONE inch margins, 12 point font Times New Roman. Length: Approximately 800 words.
Style Guide: MLA

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