MANEGMENT homework

 HiI have homework assigment  it is only  6 questions and  the deadline is  1 hour. the all questions. 1-Describe the major elements of the communication model. Then, provide an example of a communication event in an organization and explain the model using the communication event. To receive full credit, your answer must include all of the elements (and descriptions) and the application portion must include those elements, as well. (For example, in the application model the \”sender\” may be \”human resources manager.\” Be complete and thorough.  2-Describe the various forms of nonverbal communication. What are the some of the \”must know\” items about nonverbal communication? Why is this important to you as a manager and team member in the workplace?  3-Some believe that leaders are found at all levels of the organization. What do you think? Be descriptive and include concepts from the course and our activities.  4-Describe and discuss specific problems related to cross-cultural communication. Include cultural barriers and cultural context. What is a personal experience that you have had in this area? Talk about the experience, what happened, and what could have gone better—knowing what you know now about cross cultural communication. 5- Is conflict in the workplace good or bad? As a manager what are the strategies that you can use to deal with conflict? Describe the strategies.  6-Organizational Culture: What is it? How is it created? What is your future role as manager with regard to Organizational Culture?

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