Meetings Down Under, pp. 55-57 (Kotter & Cohen)

Project description
The case study should include, the case change scenario which has to be one paragraph, the flaws in the vision and process & the promise in the vision and process. The reading was about a group of 55 people who worked for an organization who were selected from various areas throughout the company to lead change in their areas. They had to travel and stay at a hotel where there were all day sessions to discuss how to change their organization. Everyone was excited and had great ideas for the project, but their was no agenda for the meetings and so they often jumped around from idea to idea without any resolution or a plan to change. After the 5th session they tried a new approach, the meetings became a day and a half instead of 1 day and they had a detailed agenda for the activites for both days and would only discuss one issue per session. Day one would start with a guest speaker who focused on performance management and they would also have a facilitator to help them stay on track. They decided to survey the employees to see what areas they wanted to see improved. On day 2 they would address timelines and budget, then decide what topic would be discussed in the next meeting. So in short, day one always included a guest speaker with ideas on the change, and day 2 would address next steps. Complex issues were assigned to subgroups for more analysis and planning, and then they would report back in the next meeting. it took a couple sessions for the group to get used to this format but they were more effective and now the people trust the process and now they are in the process of creating an entirely new organization.

The rubric for the paper is as follows; Identify change case scenario (one paragraph), Analysis of the vision, process, leadership, Analysis of the outcome, some Discussion and written in APA 6th edition format.
The text for this is \”The Heart of Change\” (Kotter & Cohen) 2002

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