Project Plan Outline (70 Points)

Using either a real or fictitious proposed product or service, outline a project plan for Stage 3, Concept Evaluation. Include tasks, deliverables, resource assignments and time required. Be sure to note which task must be completed before another task can begin (if applicable).

use MS Excel or another spreadsheet program to develop and present your plan. (Hint: A risk management plan should be one of your deliverables). Project plans come in many forms. Use your library and Internet search skills to review several types of project plan layouts.

Here is one example that shows the beginning of a project plan.

Be clear, concise, and focused. Your well-organized and well-written spreadsheet should meet the following requirements:

Be 2-3 pages in length
Follow CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements
Include a title and reference page
Include three outside references

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